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I am a regular diner for lunch and had an awful experience today. Table for 2 sat and waited at least 6-8 minutes for someone to bring us water and menu. She drops the water off and doesnt ask if we want anything else. Most unpleasant employee I've seen in a long time. Did not fill water. We had to ask several times for the check and finally just walked to the check in counter to get it. Had an issue with the salmon tasting stale and they didn't care or take the roll off our bill. Its a shame to have a terrible experience like this ruin your impression of the place and make you not ever want to come back. 9/15/16 - Receipt#0021 Server - Lynn
John Whisenant
Hello, We will be launching our delivery service in your area soon and I would like the opportunity to speak with you and see if our service would be a good addition to your restaurant. Many locations partner with us to increase their revenues, and allow their customers to access their product at home, and reach more people than ever before. If you have time to sit down and discuss this, I would love to meet with you. It would be a great opportunity to get any questions answered, as well as decide if this type of service works for your goals and needs. 253.219.6994
George Bill
Hello, this is Mr George, i have an event coming up Saturday the 16th of July, 16th Marriage anniversary. Kindly email me back with your menu or a link to your website so i can view the menu as soon as you can and place my order with you, and i am looking to have 70 guests. Also let me know if you accept credit card payments. Thanks.