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Anna Kahl
Dear Friend: The Polish Scouting Organization of Illinois(ZHP) is holding a fundraiser on November 4, 2017 at Lone Tree Manor Banquets in Niles, IL. We are reaching out to you today to see if you can support our fundraiser by providing an item for the silent auction or raffle. Your donation will enable us to greatly enhance our goal of raising money that will support the Scouts, by underwriting portions of their field trips, summer camp, equipment and uniforms, and scholarships. In return, we will acknowledge your organization in our promotional materials and on our website. Polish Scouting Organization of Illinois (ZHP) is a scouting organization that is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of Dom Harcerski (Scout Lodge) located at 6434 W. Belmont Avenue in Chicago. The Lodge was purchased in 1992 to serve the Polish Scouts in Chicago and since then has welcomed over ten thousand scouts during the past 25 years. On a weekly basis, it continues to host events d
thank you!
Karen Tornberg
I am not one to complain, but the last time I visited you was a huge disappointment. It was on Saturday, May 13, around 5:30 pm. I was with one friend. Our waiter was barely attentive or helpful. But most importantly, we ordered uni, each one of us ordered one piece. It was AWFUL! Tasted like sewer water. I was emabarrassed as I had recommended this place to my friend. I have had uni twice before and it tasted much better.