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Candice Kuhnen
I'm Candice, publisher of Lifestyle, The Community Sourcebook for new home owners. I'd like to meet, show you some of our past issues and talk with you about being in the 2019-2020 issue. Candice
Melissa Flasza
Greetings: I'm contacting you on behalf of the PTA of my children's school, El Sierra in Downers Grove, IL. On March 1, 2019 we plan to host our annual Game / Trivia Night, a major fundraiser that is incredibly important to our school. Proceeds from the adults-only event will allow our PTA to continue providing funds for field trips, classroom and teacher needs, new books and software, as well as guest speakers and assembles, class picnics, dances, field day, family nights, special events and so much more for students. We even host a week long Teacher Appreciation event to honor those dedicated in educating our children. This year we also are planning to have a LIVE auction as well as a raffle. We’re seeking donations, large and small, including gift cards, products, merchandise, tickets for attractions and entertainment and more. Your donation will be publicized in our LIVE Auction event program, our school newsletter, and during our welcome address at the event. El Sierra PT
Alice Nolan
I want to buy a gift certificate for my daughter for Christmas. I don't see a place to order one so I dialed your listed phone number only to receive a message that my call could not be completed. What's up with that?!